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After 33 years of being in Fire Service and 15 years working as a Deputy Fire Marshal for the State of SC, I know and understand the importance of safety. I have seen first hand how some companies cut corners when it comes to hood cleaning. Dendy’s Hood Cleaning will cut no corners on safety!

NFPA statistics show that for eating and drinking establishments, the majority of fires occur in the kitchen and more specifically involve cooking equipment.

We are experts in the field of commercial kitchen exhaust hood cleaning with a solid fire inspector background for compliance.

Consistent maintenance of the restaurant kitchen hood exhaust system in your restaurant or facility remains one of the primary defenses against fire hazards.

At Dendy’s Hood Cleaning services, our professional cleaning methods remove the flammable residues and grease from the interior surfaces of your kitchen hood, filters, ductwork and exhaust fans to ensure compliance with all applicable municipal, state and NFPA 96 standards.

Upon completion of your hood system, a Proof-of-Performance decal is posted on the kitchen hood canopy in plain view of the Fire Marshall, health department, or insurance agent for compliance.

- Tito Dendy

LT Tito Dendy Firefighter
Tito Dendy Training for Certification
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